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We, the Hospital Schools Team, are proud to be part of the New York City Department of Education and District 75. Our certified teachers will help meet your child's educational needs while hospitalized. Our teachers use a variety of strategies and resources while adhering to the New York State Common Core Learning Standards to ensure that each child receives a rich, rewarding educational program. We will support your child's transition back to his/her home school program.  
Attending school while hospitalized will help your child maintain his/her academic standing, especially when an illness results in a lengthy absence from school. While your child participates in some of the familiar activities of school, some of the stress related to being hospitalized can be reduced. This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to obtain much needed individualized instruction and remediation. While hospitalized, your child can take the NYS Regents and other exams required for promotion. NYC public school students who are hospitalized and receive instruction for 10 or more days will receive grades, which will be forwarded to the home school. All NYC public and private schools are eligible for attendance credit as long as the child participated in the Hospital Schools program for at least three consecutive days.


We seek for all patients participate in the Hospital School Program daily, whether in a small-group,  classroom setting, or at a child's bedside. We hope for all children to return to school with improvements in their academic skills. We offer support in children's' transition from hospital to school. 

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