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About Us

The Hospital Schools staff are a part of the New York City Department of Education District 75.  Our certified Hospital Schools' teachers will make sure that your child receives instruction in alignment with the coursework from their affiliated school.  We will support your child's transition back to their school or home instruction.  

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It is important for your child to continue receiving instruction while hospitalized.  Keeping up with coursework and staying engaged is vital for young people.  Our teachers bring the classroom to their students, making them feel connected to their school and classmates.  Our teachers will obtain the missing classwork and review the topics that your child finds challenging.  Students who need to take New York State exams will be able to do so in the hospital.  This program provides a wonderful opportunity to make a smooth return to school after recovery. 

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C - Compassionate Instruction  

A - Attendance Credit 

R - Remediation 

E - Examinations 

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