Services We Provide

Our knowledgeable staff will provide for your child’s educational needs while hospitalized, either in a small group setting or bedside.  Our teachers will assist with instruction during a child's hospital stay. In addition, they can assist with:


  • School Outreach

  • School Reentry

  • Home Instruction

School Outreach

Hospital Schools Teachers provide outreach with parental approval to students' home schools.  Teachers identify the specific lesson topics so that students keep up with their schoolwork.  

Home Instruction

Some children may be in need of home instruction services.  Please speak with your child's hospital teacher regarding this service. For more information about home instruction, please visit the Home Instruction Schools Program website. The image below also has a link to the Home Instruction Schools website.

A house with a circle around the home

Return to School

The Hospital Schools' staff can help your child make a smooth return to school.  We will work with you and your child's school to make the return to school easier.

Learning is a Part of Healing

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