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June 7, 2018 Chancellor’s Conference Day

At the most recent Chancellor’s Conference Day, the Hospital Schools Program staff celebrated our professional learning communities.

The English Language Learning committee, chaired by Eva Perez, developed and provided an overview of strategies for working with English Language Learners in our diverse hospital settings.

The Regents Revolution team led by Nicole Keegan, shared strategies to maximize student achievement on the Social Studies Regents. The Access for All team, led by Joshua Griffith, discussed alternate assessment.

Eileen Foster and Donna Martino detailed the process of growing plants from seeds. The project was sponsored by a Whole Foods grant. Students charted the growth of the plants. Laura Conliffe provided an update on the grants received through Donors Choose.

Edith Hitchen, Maureen Kelly, and Maura Donnlly presented on Teaching Social Studies Through Music and Art. Maureen Kelly discussed how artists can play a role in shaping the historical narrative, featuring Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Edith Hitchen featured the music of the jazz era and discussed how music reflects the culture of our nation. Maura Donnelly spoke about the pivotal literary achievements of 1922 which ushered in the modern era of literature.

Courtney McCarthy and Denise Schorn shared about a conference in Colorado on Hospital Education and Child Life.

Elise Clement and Pierre Clement highlighted current developments in Mathematics Education. The use of videos increases student engagement, presenting stories that simulate real-life problems to be solved mathematically.

Deidra Edwards, PHD, of the Child Mind Institute discussed strategies to relieve stress that teachers may face with particularly challenging demands.

John Cooper familiarized the staff with innovations to the website.

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