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Congratulations to Our Donors Choose Grant Team

Recently seven teachers from Hospital Schools received 100% funding for their Donors Choose grants. We greatly appreciate the generosity of all who provided their support!

Erin Walsh’s “Be our Bandaid!” grant provides interactive and fun activities using an iPad, hot dots (ELA and Math), and Alphabet wipe-off cards. Joseph Pudlowski’s “Healing with Art” grant was will provide comfort through art for his hospitalized students in grades K-8. Linette McGoldrick grant, “Exploring the World from a Hospital Bed,” will help middle and high school students that have been diagnosed with various forms of cancer to learn using an iPad. Cristina Castillo’s grant, “Erasable Games Help Erase the Pain,” will comfort her students receiving a temporary loving home at a medical hospital. These children face various medical ailments. Kristin Hutchison’s grant “Switch It Up for a Good Cause!” will afford her students with opportunities to communicate, access educational websites, books and activities. Eve Seaver’s grant “The Universe at Their Fingertips” gives her students access to books, enables them to receive assignments and email completed work to their teachers through an iPad. Most recently, Diana Martino received funding for washable supplies to support her students who are at a pediatric hospital and Jessica Indarte was able to purchase prizes for her students to reinforce positive behavior systems.

Laura Conliffe who teaches in the Hospital Schools Program assisted in the development of the teachers’ grants. Hospital Schools' teachers who are interested in submitting a grant should first write to Laura Conliffe to receive a code before signing up. Also, there is a private group called "Teachers Helping Teachers," which can help Hospital School teachers with grant writing. If you are interested in being added to the online grant writing group ask Laura to add you.

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