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November Conference Day

On November 5th, Hospital Schools held their Conference Day. Our teachers presented on various topics in areas of their expertise.

Maura Donnelly presented an overview of Orton Gillingham methods with an emphasis on Wilson Reading System, a multisensory approach. To learn more about the Wilson Reading System click here.

For S.T.E.M., Steven Buslovich demonstrated a science lesson on density. Using everyday items such as soda cans, Steven’s teaching point was to illustrate volume and mass.

Rosemary Essig unveiled an overview of innovative technologies from Microsoft Office 365, such as Microsoft Translator to enhance instruction for ENL students. She also introduced Sway for digital storytelling and One Note digital notebook.

Elise Clement and John Cooper shared an engaging resource “Reading Like a Historian". The passages add intriguing and varied perspectives on historical events.

Edith Hitchen shared an efficient management tool that she uses to manage her day’s paperwork.

Mike Delaney gave an overview of new attendance procedures geared for maximizing student credit.

We look forward to incorporating these new tools and curricula into our work.


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