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STEM Fair 2024 Highlights

Wednesday, March 20th - Hospital Schools participated in the D75 STEM Fair.  Presenters were Maureen Kelly, Jesica Indarte and Paulina Nunez.  Featured were cleverly designed pamphlets with facts on the chemistry of the project entitled "Spa Chemistry".  In addition, soap samples were distributed to the children at the fair which made quite a splash.  This ongoing project facilitates learning Chemistry through fun labs making soap, bath bombs, veggie and fruit facial masks, shower steamers and the Unicorn Jar.  The soap samples were handcrafted by our talented students.  While working on the production line of this project, several students remarked how they would like to start a business with various soaps. 

Special thanks to Cleo Mendez our terrific social worker and expert soap carver/fragrance consultant.  This project was financed not only by the teachers, but also by a generous grant from Principal Mary Maher, which should keep us in bubbles for quite a while. Co-teacher Yurenska Pierre is an integral part of the teaching team at Kings R, whose skills have made this project a wonderful learning experience for the kids.


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